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Hein has been dancing for the past 15 years on a provincial as well as national level where he was always placed in the top 10. He danced for 6 years with his ex-partner Desire’ where they reached Finals and 1st placing on a constant level. Unfortunately, they split in 2007 and he went on search for a new partner. In 2007 he met Aranka whereby they danced for another 2 years, but due to unforeseen circumstances could not continue. He is still friends and keeps in contact with them.
He decided to start teaching as a freelance teacher in 2008 and have been doing very well. As time went on he saw the only way in keeping up with the trend is to treat dancing as a business and thus decided to start the company - Dance for Joy Dance Academy cc. (Registration number: 2009/057991/23).

A message from our Principal:

My belief is that dancing keeps a person fit and young in soul. It creates a bond between man and lady on a level where they communicate with their whole body.
I’m sure that all students who join DFJ Academy will enjoy their association with us and learn something new and have lots and lots of fun!

Looking forward to your favorable reply and an enjoyable year of dancing.


1999 - 2002: Danced national and provincial level
Bronze - and moved up to Championship level in 4 years time

Placing: Majority 1st placing

2003: Gauteng Provincial Champion Championship:
Majority 1st Placing

2004: Majority 1st 2nd Placing

2004: Danced in a show - The Inauguration of Debutante’s (South Africa)
Ambassador of Vienna attended the function

2005: Majority 1st and 2nd Placing

2005: Danced in a Show - for the charity organization: ‘Voice of Daniel’
Theme was ”Winter in Vienna“ (St.George Hotel in Irene)

2006:  Majority 1st and 2ND Placing

2007 - 2008: Danced with Aranka and done exams
Freelance and Permanent teacher i.e. Planet Fitness

2009 - 2011: Been teaching full time in the Dance and Music Tuition Fields

2011 - 2016: Teacher at the British International Colleges Group
Stages 1 to  AS Levels (Cambridge)

2016: Professional Competitive Ballroom and Latin Dancer (Competing)

2017: LDSA Line Dance Competitor - 3rd Placing

2018: LDSA Line Dance Competitor - 2nd Placing

2019: LDSA Line Dance Competitor - 1 Placing (SA Masters)

2019: Preparing Portfolio for Profesional Balroom and Latin American - Adjudicator's Licence (SADTA and SADF)

2019: Joining the Talent Africa Team of Adjudicators


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