DFJ Dance Academy
Outsourcing Services

Our services has been designed so that we can provide outsourced services to:

- Nursery Schools

- Primary Schools

- High Schools

- High Schools/Colleges

Schools contract our services in order to teach their or our curriculum. We specialise in setting up a dance department for any primary school and can provide lesson planning, rubrics according to standard and school assessments

Our curriculum has been sourced international as we have compliled it from the Australian, UK, Scottish and Irish and American school systems.

Our services goes beyond standard class dance activities as we start teaching basic steps, rhythm, technique and posture. This gives the child the room for growth and to nurture their love of Dancing.  It is important to nurture the aspect of movement mechanics with the youngsters as it will improve muscletone, thought processes, relaxation to name a few.

Our services for schools has been compiled into a video clip. Click play below to activate the clip.

Should you be interested for a live presentation, please contact us on:

(062) 608 3985


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