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Wedding Classes

Choreographed Wedding Dance Classes

We offer custom-designed choreography to prospective wedding couples, as they determine which type of music they would like to dance to. This is fun and exciting for couples to interact on a whole new different level!

Packages are based on a 1 lesson  per week scenario,  but we know that our wedding couples doesn't have the time on hand, thus class times are flexible.

Extra Lessons can be bought at a discounted rate of R 100.00
per person per hour.

All packages are based on the International Ballroom and Latin Syllabus.
The Amercan Syllabus are used in some packages.

All courses and packages are subjected to the 30 day cancelation policy. This policy will be strictly enforced.

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Package A:

R 2250.00 x 6 Private Lessons
(R 375.00 per lesson per couple)

No group or venue lessons.

Choreographed lessons to the music of your choice.

No installment option.

Package B:

R 2800.00 x 8 Private Lessons
(R 350.00 per lesson per couple)

2 Group lessons and 1 venue lesson

Choreographed Lessons to the music of your choice.

Payable in 2 installments.

Package C:

R 3300.00 x 11 Private Lessons
(R 300.00 per lesson per couple)

2 Social classes and 2 venue lessons.

Choreographed lessons to the music of your

Payable in 3 Installments.

Additional Services

Wedding Entourage

R 100.00 per person (groups of 5+)

Choreographed dances to own music

3 Practice Sessions at venue with choreographer.

This optional service cannot be purcased as a stand alone and must be purchased with one of the Wedding Packages.

Wedding Parents Classes

R 250.00 per couple per hour.

Dances in Package includes:
Sokkie, Boogie, Two Step and Boerewaltz
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced couples

This package cannot be purchased as a standalone and must be purchased with a Wedding Package.

Supplementary Package Classes

R 150.00 per couple per lesson.

The supplemantary classes package are for those couples that need a bit of extra time to finish their first dance.

This package cannot be bought as a standalone and must be purchased with a wedding class package.
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